Our classes focus on developing a strong sense of confidence through regular practice. Along with the techniques needed for self protection, students can experience significant improvement in their physical health, stress reduction, coordination and self-esteem. Everyone's journey to black belt is different. So, our training is tailored to the needs of those individual journeys.


  • KIDS
  •    Kids classes at Extreme Karate present traditional karate teachings in a manner that makes learning great fun without sacrificing curriculum. Our kids learn self-discipline, self-control, and respect for others in an environment that is not military. Most important, our students learn responsibility with their developing self defense knowledge. We have a NO BULLY rule at Extreme Karate. Our young students are taught that physical confrontation is a last resort.
  •    Extreme Karate is a family business. We understand that these days families are often short on time. We offer family classes that allow parents the advantage of taking classes at the same time as their children. Make no mistake. This is not a class where you will be responsible for your child's learning. It is simply a class offering where you can enjoy training in the same room as your children. There is a healthy balance of time spent together in training and time spent working with your peers. We have multiple instructors on the mat at all times that will help you with your progress and make training enjoyable.
  •    Our teens and adults can take advantage of a class that moves at their pace. Along with exercise and flexibility, all of our classes are rich in training methods including traditional forms, kumite, and jujutsu. However, the curriculum for this class is comprehensive and provides the "connective tissue" that helps our students understand how all of the training methods blend together to benefit them. Our teens and adults understand that they are not just learning things to move to the next belt, they are learning to understand and apply effectively. Without proper training and knowledge, the belt is only there to hold your uniform closed.
  •    Extreme Karate offers individual private and small group private instruction. Some students choose this method of instruction solely over group training and others choose it as a supplement to their regular group training. Private instruction can be customized for complete study into our martial arts as well as study in a specific area.
  •    Along with our Shorin-ryu Karate training which, on the surface, is focused in defending against strikes such as punches or kicks, our students learn Toei-ryu Jujutsu which is the practical self defense against various grabs, holds and chokes. These are easy to use, no-nonsense techniques including releases, joint locks, traps, take-downs, throws and ground restraint techniques. Many of our students learn this curriculum along side their karate training, but this can be learned as a stand alone system.
  •    To dispel a common misunderstanding, weapons training is not a part of your karate training as karatedo means "empty hand way". Weapon training is its own study and is treated as such at Extreme Karate. Our weapons program studies the use of the traditional weapons of Okinawa including the bo, sai, kama and nunchaku. Our curriculum is based in traditional forms, and weapon to weapon two person drills. There is a great responsibility that goes along with teaching someone to use a weapon. And, likewise, there is an even greater responsibility when learning to handle one. Extreme Karate is selective on those that are eligible for this class based on age and rank.
  •    As with many traditional arts, it seems commonplace to modify them from their original form for sporting venues. This is not to say that it makes them better or worse, just different. Many Extreme Karate instructors and students are tournament competitors, judges or trained referees and understand the rules and the training involved for testing their skills in that area. Competitive martial arts is not a mandatory part of your training, but if sport karate tournaments or ground grappling is where your interest is, Extreme Karate has a training regimen to meet your needs.


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